TV Review: Daredevil (2015-) [Season 2]

⭐️⭐️⛅️☁️☁️ 2.5/5   [TV-MA]

Wow, way to ruin a a great show! Daredevil season 1 was amazing but this time around, everything went wrong, the characters sucked, the writing sucked. The Punisher and Foggy are the only characters who I actually still care about because Matt Murdock is just a jerk to everyone around him now and the rest of the characters just became so uninteresting. The first 4 episodes or so are actually good, but as soon as Elektra shows up the season just goes to trash. After that the entire season has so many different unconnected plots that it’s just unpleasant, and that’s really bad for taking place in the wonderfully connected Marvel Cinematic Universe! Anyway, the second season of Daredevil is just an overly violent mess of uninteresting characters and I really hope the next season is more like the first. In my first daredevil review I said would not recommend anyone younger than 13 watch this show, same goes for this season except it has quite a bit more violence.

Available only on Netflix.

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