TV Review: Heroes Reborn (2015)

image⭐️☁️☁️☁️☁️ 1/5

This soul-crushingly bad follow up to Heroes has terrible acting, terrible dialogue, horrendous CGI, and ends up becoming nothing but a cancerous lump of bad characters whipped up by the worst television writers ever to squeeze as much money as they could out of the once great Heroes franchise. Don’t even think about watching this because you saw some of your favorite characters from the original in the trailers, because trust me, you’ve seen about every scene they’re in. If you would like to experience Heroes Reborn without wasting 9.7 hours of your time, dump some pepper in your eyes. I couldn’t find an official age rating for this show, but why are even dumping pepper in your kid’s eyes anyway?

Available on iTunes and Amazon, shame on them.


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